“Investors need discipline to avoid the many unattractive pitches that are thrown, patience to wait for the right pitch, and judgment to know when it is time to swing.” 

-Seth Klarman

Juniper Peak Capital is a value-oriented investment management firm with a primary focus on investing in special situations and other undervalued publicly listed equity securities.

We find a competitive advantage by investing in securities that may be unpopular, neglected, or generally misunderstood by most investors. In other words, we are willing to look for value where others may not. Our deliberate bottom up approach and fundamentally-driven analysis allows us to use our experience to find undervalued securities away from the popular and highly covered securities.

We evaluate our investments as though they are private enterprises, investing after we have determined the underlying value of each business and only when the price is heavily discounted in relation to that value. Our investments represent part ownership in companies, which allows us to take a long-term, patient view as opposed to the short-term mindset of the average stock market trader.

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