“The single greatest edge an investor can have is a long-term orientation.”   

-Seth Klarman

Michael and Robert both attended school at Utah State University, located at the mouth of Logan Canyon in Northern Utah. Up Logan canyon is an 11 mile trail (round trip) that takes you to a ridge where sits a rocky mountain juniper, affectionately known as the Jardine Juniper. While not as old as some of the bristlecone pines in Utah’s west desert, core samples taken in the 1950s placed the age of the tree to somewhere around 1,500 years old.

Junipers are not typically described as the most beautiful trees, but they have been described as “indomitable”. Junipers grow in some of the most inhospitable landscapes. They are able to thrive in the most extreme heat, penetrating cold and can survive on very little water. Junipers grow slowly and typically live from 350 to 700 years, with some living longer than 1000 years.

In establishing an investment fund, we selected the Juniper as a symbol because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions, be long lasting, and not only survive but ultimately offer something highly satisfactory, and perhaps even spectacular.

Michael Seeley began investing his own portfolio in public equities over ten years ago. He quickly found success following the philosophies of the great value investors throughout history. He continued to recognize significant returns on his investments through special situations and other investments where there was an apparent and significant margin of safety.

Several years after meeting for the first time Michael and Robert crossed paths again. Robert had spent several years in Big 4 public accounting auditing both private and public companies and held senior positions for both publicly traded and private companies.  He has a strong understanding of financial statement preparation, analysis, and technical accounting.

After several years, they decided to combine Michael’s experience of income tax and value and special situation investing with Robert’s experience in GAAP, SEC reporting, and financial statement analysis to form Juniper Peak Capital.  

Juniper Peak Capital LLC is a registered investment adviser and is the General Partner to Juniper Peak Capital Partners LP (the Fund) and oversees the management and investment decisions of the Fund.

Initially the Fund was only open to close family and friends. This has changed as the Fund is now open to investors that share our affinity for long-term, special-situation, value-investing. Specifically, we look for investors that are able to ignore “Mr. Market” and the natural fluctuations in the stock market to achieve the ultimate goal of long-term capital appreciation.

Michael and Robert have demonstrated strong executive leadership roles in finance, accounting, tax and operations. They have a detailed understanding of business fundamentals, due diligence, and mergers & acquisitions which facilitates their ability to analyze companies using a bottom up approach to investment analysis.

As a small concentrated fund we are able to act quickly when investment opportunities arise and we are able to be patient while investment ideas play out. Our experience allows us to seek out the unpopular, the neglected and the misunderstood investments which sets us apart from the large hedge funds.

We follow a disciplined and deliberate approach to analyzing and investing which helps us to achieve long-term positive results.

Michael R. Seeley

Michael is a Managing Director and Member of Juniper Peak Capital LLC. Michael holds the title of Chief Investment Officer.

Michael is a former tax executive with 13 years of experience in both industry and Big 4 public accounting. Michael is a licensed CPA and excels in technical research, particularly in areas of taxation, international trade, international business development, critical thinking and issue recognition.

Robert C. Stewart

Robert is a Managing Director and Member of Juniper Peak Capital LLC. Robert holds the title of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer.

Robert is a strong senior executive with 15 years of experience in finance, accounting, and operations with extensive GAAP and SEC experience in both industry and Big 4 public accounting. Robert is a licensed CPA and excels in financial statement analysis, technical accounting interpretation, SEC reporting, valuations, and internal controls.

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